Military Containers

Intercon's range of expanding shelters comprise 2in1 and 3in1 shelters. Two concepts are available, both based upon a standard 20 ISO container with CSC Approval by Lloyds. Folding Expander Offered in both 2in1 and 3in1 versions. The expanding sections of the shelter are designed as integral parts of the 20' ISO container and are folded out by means of a manually or electrically operated winch. Time to set the unit up is proven to take less than 20 minutes, including unloading and leveling. The expanding sections are self-supporting and allow expansion and use whilst on a truck or trailer. Interior usable floor space is 36m2. Net weight 3200kg - Gross weight 8000kg. Suitable for use as Surgical Operating Theatre - Office - Communications - Accommodations - Workshop - Laundry - Sanitary (5 showers/5WC). Box in Box Expander The other ITRU Expandable Shelter type is also a lightweight aluminum/sandwich construction, but it expands from the centre ISO box by pulling out another box. This design will allow permanent installation of system components, heavy tools, medical apparatus etc, and will thus enhance �plug & play� capabilities. As our 3 in1 Folding Expander this concept is also CSC Certified by Lloyds.

3 in1 Expanding Command Shelter

3 in1 Accommodations Shelter - 12 persons with toilet and shower