ISO Shipping / Storage Containers

ITRU's range of containers comprise storagecold storage, bulk water/fuel and specialty shelters. Variations include configurations based upon a standard 40/20 ISO container with CSC Approval by Lloyds and folding units.

Shipping / Storage

NEW -ISO Container, Sea Van, Mil-Van, Storage Container 20' x 8' x 8'6" ISO 1CC type steel dry cargo containers. ITRU-20'-Spec
  NEW -ISO Container, Sea Van, Mil-Van, Storage Container 40' x 8' x 8'6" ISO 1AA type steel dry cargo containers. ITRU-40'-Spec


Specialty ISO Containers for any use. Good to house equipment, storage and other uses.
  Double 10 foot ISO Container, welded into 20 foot. Unit can be disconnected for use at destination.
  Side Door ISO Container for Hazardous Waste Storage, POL. Available with secondary containment as an option.
  Open Top ISO Container for top loading bulk materials, equipment and other materials.
  High Cube Dry ISO Container for materials requiring increased height.


:Tank ISO Containers are specialized tank containers for every purpose; potable water, sewage, chemicals, fuel and water distribution.

Our containers are compliant to all applicable ISO as well as other international and national standards and hold a CSC Approval

Flat Rack

Flat Rack ISO containers for over gauge equipment. Comes in 20 foot, 40 foot. Solid ends and fold down. Also special heavy duty rack for heavy weight loads.


Refer Units for Cold Storage, Freezer and climate control uses. Electric and Diesel/Electric configuration.